Cashland Launches Luxury Basics, A Premium Collection of Casual Chic Wear for Comfort and Class

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Last 20th of May, 2016 saw the official online launch of CASHLAND, a clothing store specializing in pieces made from high quality North American fabric. Founded in 2001, Cashland’s premium collection, Luxury Basics, aptly summarizes the brand’s exclusive blend of casual exclusivity – select designs made from high quality textiles to maximize comfort and also durability without compromising value.

The Luxury Basics line features comfortable tops and bottoms suitable for at least four solid styles (if not more): sporty, trendy, casual, and street. The beauty of the Luxury Basics line furthermore lies in its versatility – mix and match their pieces, depending on the occasion, and one will have an outfit ready for just about any situation. Whether one is into hip hop apparel or like rocking the trendy street-wear style, CASHLAND’s clothing is sure to impress.


Simple gets a touch of trendy chic with CASHLAND’s Luxury Basics crew-neck shirts. Made of 96% French terry cotton, these soft, breathable fashion pieces feel like true luxury against the skin. Available in black, navy, grey, and white, CASHLAND’s crew-neck shirts also feature a front pouch pocket and also 10-inch side seam zippers. For Simple Sams that believe fashion should not compromise comfort and mobility, the Luxury Basics line is chock-full of treasures like these.


A fresh blend of French terry cotton and spandex, CASHLAND’s hoodies are perfect for strolling through the park, meeting up with friends on a lazy Sunday morning, or just hanging around town. Pairing them up with shoes and bottoms won’t be a problem, as CASHLAND’s hoodies come in solid, soothing colors like black, navy, grey, and white. For those looking for hip hop apparel online, check out CASHLAND’s Luxury Basics hoodies. These are available in both long-sleeved and short-sleeved options to suit any style.


For the type who loves transitioning between Gym Day to Day Out With Friends easily, CASHLAND’s Luxury Basics Slim Jogger Sweatpants are their best bet. They are made of 4% Spandex and 96% French terry cotton, making movement in these – whether walking down the street or hitting the treadmill – 100% unhindered. They’re the perfect addition to any collection of gym clothes or chalk it up as hip hop apparel and let loose at the dance club – the options are endless. These are available in black, grey, and navy blue. Read more thorough information regarding Jogger sweat shorts here.


Looking for heavy-duty apparel without looking too bulky? Steer clear of the cargo pants with CASHLANDS’s Luxury Basics jogger sweat shorts. With the same terry cotton and Spandex ratio as their jogger sweatpants, one gets the same comfortable, luxurious feel with the added bonus of more breathing room (thanks to their length). Available in grey, black, white, and navy blue, they’re sure to look stunning paired with practically anything.

CASHLANDS’s Luxury Basics jogger sweat shorts feature six pockets, two back welt pockets, relaxed seat (for those lazy lounging days) and double zip pockets on both sides – perfect for keeping valuables safe during moderate to intense movements.

Aside from the items in their premium collection, CASHLAND has their own branded line. This collection features long-sleeved hoodies, hooded T-shirts, crew-neck shirts, and more – all bearing the CASHLAND logo. For those who need a splash of color or a touch of design in their casual chic ensemble, this collection is sure to delight.

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