Head Soccer: Some Considerations


Head Soccer by D&D Dream Corp. is a soccer (or football for individuals from outside of the United States) game which isn’t a soccer game. The notion is easy. It’s a one on one, head-to-head (no pun intended) game where you must try and get the ball into the other individual’s target. All this occurs in 2D, meaning you are watching this from the side. The game is called Head Soccer, as the most distinctive feature of the players you command are their heads. They’re disproportionately huge.

Simple to Learn but Difficult to Master:

The game is really easy to play. You transfer your player with the arrows put on the bottom left hand corner of your display. On the bottom right hand side, you’ll find a button to kick and a button to jump. This seems really easy, but when you play your first match you can quickly see why this game is so tough to master. The ball jumps around the screen at breakneck speeds and you’ll be flying across the screen with it. Half of the time, when you score, it’s nothing to do with skill, but it’s simply the luck of where the ball falls. There are four distinct game modes: Arcade, Survival, Tournament, and League. Each of these have different aims to come out as the winner.

Through the game you may quickly discover that when you win a match, you may receive 100 coins. These coins can be used to unlock a variety of stuff for example new and distinct players including their super strong strength shots. You can of course, as with any other free game, buy coins directly via in-app purchase. These coins will cost between $0.99 to $99.99.

There’s also an internet mode where you are able to challenge and match up with your friends via Game Center or Bluetooth (only available with iOS version 4.1 and higher) and you can also share your wins via Facebook. This website has useful information regarding head soccer 2 hack.

Head Soccer is a extremely fun, pick up-and-play type of game. It’s quick, crazy matches, it’s quite easy to learn the best way to play, and the graphics are very adorable and humorous. The app is also compatible between devices, in order to play on both your iPad and your iPhone. The app takes up about 32 MB and comes with 33 different characters, although only one is unlocked from the beginning of the match.

If you’re searching for a fast soccer fit of gameplay in your lunch break or during a commute, I can definitely recommend this, but I warn you, you will take a long time before you’re actually great at this game.

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